Eric T. Hisaka - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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"We feel you have been a guardian angel to us. You have shared your gift of healing with me." MA

"I would like to thank you again for all of the personalized care before, during, and after surgery. I would never forget how wonderful you were to us." CW

"I appreciated your gentle kindness and compassion through this experience. I needed a doctor like you to calm my inner spirit. I feel so blessed that you have taken care of me." RK

"I have humility and gratitude having you to do this procedure. You are a gifted surgeon and a prince amongst men." JF

"I strongly feel that your encouragement is part of my positive outlook. Your kindness and calmness have been appreciated more that I can put into words." LS

"Its your genuine kindness, concern, and sense of humor; you are a wonderful doctor." JW

"Remember when I had a short, fat neck, you performed wonders." PS

"You did a great job on my eyes. They look so natural." JK

"Thank you very much for the way you took care of wife and especially the way you tried to accommodate us" JR

"How rare it is to meet someone so kind and selfless. But to meet a doctor who has an extraordinary bedside manner restores my faith in the health care system. You have made my scary life-changing event so easy. Thanks again ever so much." KM

"You saved my hand and therefore my life. You have a wonderful gift." DM

"Thank you again, Dr. Hisaka for improving my quality of life, giving me self-confidence, believing in my needs, and leaving me feeling so honored to have met you." CC

"You are a once in a lifetime doctor and an incredible person. You are the standard to which we compare all other physicians to." WT

"Having a healthy lifestyle again is a wonderful gift you give to us." JN

"Thank you for all you are and all you do. Thank you for my beautiful face. You are a true artist!" SJ

"I will never be able to convey how deeply I appreciate your artistry and your wonderful understanding of women's feelings. You see and you listen, not just to yourself but to the other person, in this case, me. I am so grateful for everything." MD

"I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for me. The work is commendable but it is your style and genuine good nature that are unique to you. There are very few people that are good to the core but you are one of them. You made a lot of women very, very happy and it comes right from your heart, not to overshadow your excellence as a surgeon. When I see you, my problems melts away because you are calm, uplifting, and patient and it's as if I am the only patient you have to see that day which is really special. Debbie is incredible also." DG

"I was out the other night and your work speaks for itself. Three of my friends who I have not seen for a longtime took one look at me and scheduled an appointment." CV