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About Dr. Hisaka

Eric T. Hisaka, M.D. has been serving all of California with state of the art cosmetic surgery for overall health and wellness since 1986.

Today, people of all ages take special interest in health and appearance. Aesthetic surgery offers another option for the individuals to gain a better balance between the way they look and the way they feel.

In most instances, the goal of aesthetic surgery is to improve the patient’s sense of well-being while respecting and preserving the individual’s unique attributes. Some of these cosmetic, however, may also fulfill true medical needs.

Eric T. Hisaka

Dr. Hisaka, would like to tell you a little story about who I am. I recently had a patient who has been with me for over 30 years, on whom I performed multiple procedures for her and her family. She informed me she could no longer undergo any more procedures because of several major illnesses she acquired. I was saddened for her so I put her in a wheelchair and took her out to her car myself for one last stroll. As I lifted her into the car, I told her how honored and privileged I had been all of these years to be the doctor to such a great human being. It was all of these years of rapport, compliments, and her kind-hearted banter that make my job so worthwhile.

When you come in, please come in with a brief life story because Dr. Hisaka is interested in you as a human being. If you can do some homework with your hands and fingers to demonstrate to me the facial or body areas of concern before you come in, restoring your youthfulness and femininity is the goal.

If you’re considering cosmetic plastic surgery, please ask Dr. Hisaka for further information about any particular procedure you are interested in and what you can expect. Dr. Hisaka believes every patient is unique. He creates a customized surgical plan with the highest regard for realistic expectations, costs, health risks, and time away from work and exercise. Dr. Hisaka does not believe in “one price fits all” surgery, especially when many patients have done the hard work of exercise and dieting and present with more areas of concern.