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Non-Surgical Procedures

San Ramon Non-Surgical Procedures

Skilled Cosmetic Treatments from an Accomplished Doctor

Here at Dr. Eric T. Hisaka’s Pleasanton cosmetic surgery practice, we have a range of highly successful and minimally invasive non-surgical treatment options. Our team is dedicated to helping you review all possible options for helping you achieve your cosmetic goal. We can carefully develop a customized treatment plan that is designed to help you. These procedures can address your sense of wellbeing but can also be used to address genuine medical issues.

Some of the non-surgical procedural options that we offer include:

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This is a reliable and safe treatment that can help address the effects of aging on the skin covering your face and neck. It can also be used as a preventative treatment to help prevent wrinkles or other lines from forming in the future for both women and men. Botox has also been used to help treat migraines and other chronic headaches.

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Facial Fillers

A versatile and customizable cosmetic treatment, facial or dermal fillers can address a wide range of issues. They can help soften wrinkles or lines, plump up lips, and even improve the appearance of scars. Dr. Hisaka can carefully select which specific filler would help address the issue you want to be resolved.

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Laser Treatments

Our team can help you with laser skin resurfacing. This is can be a quick and effective treatment to help address blemishes and facial flaws. Whether it is warts, oil glands, damaged skin, scars, or fine lines, laser treatments could be an ideal treatment option.

If you have been wondering if a non-surgical cosmetic procedure is a right option for you, you don’t have to wait any longer! Give us a call today at (925) 463-1809 and schedule your free consultation with our established and accomplished San Ramon plastic surgeon!


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